Must Have Monday | Fall 2014 Edition


As I sit here listening to Childish Gambino's new album (don't judge), here's another edition of #MustHaveMonday with things I'm feigning for this fall.

1.  I've never owned a pair of clogs...which is weird because they're a great and super versatile shoe, and I need this Free People Devon Clog in shoe collection. I don't know what it is but lately my shoe collection is slowly growing into a shoe army. I've never really been one for shoes (sunglasses have always been my niche) but I'm slowly gathering up a little obsession.

2. Speaking of obsessions....a couple of months back I spotted a gorgeous blue Michael Kors bag at Dillards. It was tax free weekend and the bag was 50% off, making it about $170. It was such a 'Grown Woman' bag y'all. This was that "I drink Oprah Chai Tea Lattes and Read All of the New York Times" bag. This was one of them "Lemme snap a pic for the gram and pretend I'm going somewhere just to show off my bag" bag. This was THE BAG. And I didn't get it....You know the saying, 'Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy'? Yeah...that bag haunts me. But I found this Ivanka Trump Ava Dome Satchel  that looks exactly like it. Semi happy ending.

3. Going along with the Haunted theme (it is almost Halloween after all...) another semi regrettable fashion decision I made a few years ago was to give away a pair of Boyfriend Jeans I purchased at Target. They were dark wash pair and hey fit a little weird in the behind (not for the aspiring Nicki Minaj gals like me) but they still why didn't I keep them? I was 20 and was really into the whole quirky thrifted aesthetic in college. Cut to 4 years later and I'm totally about the basic life and I don't have those jeans....and honestly haven't found a pair that live up to those since!  Sigh. This pair from Charlotte Russe is a great style/wash and is a great price too. I'm here for it.

4. I really aspire to be one of those gaudy old ladies that wears 15 rings on each finger, abnormally large reading glasses, and a leopard print fur coat. So it's no surprise I've been perusing Jeweliq 's website and pinning these gorgeous midi-rings and bracelets on Pinterest.  Who doesn't love a good pearl?!

5.  Wonder Years Destroyed BF Tee via Shop Blonde Design. I've always wanted a shirt with 1990 on it. The year I was born--and why not? I followed Blonde Design on Instagram after she was featured on my explore page and never looked back. If you love basic t's, like really really love them--check out her shop!

6. This. Is. The. Best. Lip. Gloss. Ever. Okay wait, I don't really think it's even a 'gloss', but that's besides the point. Sephora's Long Wear Matte Lip color does what it says--it stays on for a really long time and comes in a bunch of colors. I currently have Fig Luster and Deep Plum and my next investment probably will be Petal.

7. I've always wanted a pair of Beats by Dre but since I'm not about that $200 headphone life, these colorful Urban Ears will suffice. The Julep ones are everything. Which color is your fave?