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Athleisure: I’m sure you’ve seen the look everywhere, but what does it really mean?! From the runways of Alexander Wang and DKNY to the street styles of Rihanna, Beyonce,  and fashion bloggers, the trend of integrating typical items once only used only as ‘gym wear’ is now being integrated into everyday outfits. Running shoes, gym bags, jackets — you name it. Retail businesses are taking note of this and the need for ‘sportswear lines’ in typical contemporary fashion stores is quickly catching fire. Here's  some of my thoughts on this new trend.

Jourdan Dunn in DIMEPIECE Cropped Jersey in  London

Jourdan Dunn in DIMEPIECE Cropped Jersey in London

Within the past year, retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Forever21 welcomed the addition new fashionable active wear lines to their websites & brick-and-mortar locations. More notably, this year Beyonce is expected to collaborate with retail giant TopShop to create an active wear line to be released in late 2015. Eric Wilson from says athleisure culture “… represents a bigger, and likely permanent, sea change in fashion. The reasons are many, but the most obvious cause stems from people who are embracing healthier lifestyles, while also demanding more functionality from their wardrobes.” And no,  I don’t think he meant wearing athletic shorts, an oversized shirt, and a  Northface jacket is not a form of athleisure. You tried it.

Rihanna in   NYC

Rihanna in NYC

Many designers are creating conventional ‘athletic’ garments such as shoes, tennis skirts, sweatshirts, and joggers with unconventional fabrics such as leather and wool. Need I remind you of Kanye’s infamous leather jogging pant rant?! (I always knew he was right about that btw…) As a former athlete, I can really appreciate this aesthetic because it makes typical ‘work out’ clothing more fashionable. Playing with colors, patterns, and textures makes the appeal of this style more broad and allows those who may have a tight schedule to even queen in a workout without really having to change. Even if you aren’t necessarily working out, the style is still really cool and refreshing to see in everyday street trends.

What do you think of the Athleisure look? Is it something you would wear and/or already wear?

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