#OOTD | Is it...fall?

The calendar is saying November but the temperatures are saying, "Nah fam."  This is the exact outfit I wore a few weeks ago. Okay, it's a loose interpretation but bare with me here. When I think of Fall I think of leaves changing color, turkeys, but most importantly cooler temperatures. And since the official start of Fall on September 23, Louisiana has yet to see the temps go below 60 degrees. I more of a warm season fan myself, but I'm actually finding myself yearning....for.....cold? *GASP* My fall wardrobe needs to see the light! So when I wore this look on a rather warm October afternoon, much to my surprise, I received an abnormal amount of compliments. Have we just forgotten what it feels like to have 4 distinct seasons in Louisiana? I'm almost certain I wore shorts all day last Christmas. But amidst my angst, I've slowly been integrating fall essentials like flannels, booties, and suede into my everyday attire. The minute the temperatures go under 50, it's ON.