My Favorite Albums of 2015

Merry X-MAS! Every year, whether anyone cares or not, I compose a list of my favorite albums. Most of these are the ones I've had on repeat all year long and that's basically the only metric I use to determine how this list is composed. You're probably wondering why there are only 9 albums on this list. Well, it's quite simple: 1. I have really have lost my way in terms of listening to new music. I don't listen to nearly as much music as I would when I was in school on my computer all day and studying 24/7. And that definitely has played a factor in how many albums I listen to nowadays. And 2. PicStitch's biggest collage only could hold 9 photos we are. 

Beauty Behind the Madness: The Weeknd - Once I heard "The Hills", I knew it would be something great. The production alone on this album deserves a round of applause. Or at least a Grammy. 
Favorite Songs: The Hills, Often, Aquainted, Prisoner, Dark Times.

If You're Reading This it's Too Late:  Drake - Changed the game with that digital drop. Okay, we all know Beyonce did that but I distinctively remember the night this album was released. Just when I thought Drake couldn't get any better...HE DOES. 
Favorite Songs: Legend, 10 Bands, Know Yourself, Jungle

EM•O•TION: Carly Rae Jepsen - THIS IS THE POP ALBUM I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. I was obsessed from first full play which rarely happens for me nowadays. An album has to catch my attention within the first couple of songs and this one definitely did just that. 
Favorite Songs: Run Away with Me, Favourite Color, LA Hallucinations, Making the Most of the Night

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful: Florence + the Machine - This one was a grower for me. Which is strange because Florence is one of my favorite artists. But I tend to get really attached to albums so it was hard for me enter this new era in her career. She has truly grown as an artist and this album shows that. 
Favorite Songs: St. Jude, Queen of Peace, Ship to Wreck, Long & Lost, Witch Witch

Sound & Color: Alabama Shakes - After their first album I had to warm up to Alabama Shakes. But after hearing so many positive reviews, I had to see what the fuss was about. Sound and Color is one of my favorite "cruising with the windows down" albums. 
Favorite Songs: Future People, Gimme All Your Love, Sound & Color, Dunes

Wildheart:  Miguel - I never realized how much of a Miguel fan I was until I purchased this album. I have all of his albums. He's kind of amazing, but this album is a game changer compared to the rest.
Favorite Songs: Coffee, The Valley, GFG, Waves, Damned

COLLXTION: Allie X - Technically this one is more of an EP but it's still worth the mention. I played these 7 songs nonstop since I purchased the album. 
Favorite Songs: Hello, Prime, Sanctuary

25: Adele -  I mean, it's not like I haven't been waiting for this album for 4 LONG YEARS. I pre-ordered it after I heard 'Hello", which is probably my favorite song from the album. 
Favorite Songs: Hello, Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Remedy, I Miss You, A Million Years Ago

Rae Sremmurd: Rae Sremmurd - I'll admit it - this album is genius. Mindless turn-up music What more could I even ask for?? 
Favorite Songs: Lit Like Bic, Throw Some Mo, YNO, Come Get Her

What were some of your favorite albums of 2015?