#MustHaveMonday | 5 Reads for 2015

One of my 2015 New Year’s resolutions was to read more books. I saw a study a few months ago that said after graduating college adults are less likely to pick up a book and casually read – TRAGIC! I made it a mission to read at least 1 book a month for a year. I just finished Janet Mock’s Redefining Realness (great book that you can find it here) and now I’m trying to decide which book is next. If you want to do more reading this year as well, here are 5 books to read in 2015 (if you haven’t read them already).A lot of these are fashion-related books, but still good reads nonetheless!

#GIRLBOSS  by Sophia Amoruso

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

It was on top of every best-seller list and essentially started an entire movement of self proclaimed #GirlBosses. Through a combination of hustle, intelligence, skills. and connections, this book gives young entrepreneurs a lot of insight on how Sophia took her vintage eBay store and made it global fashion giant Nasty Gal. 

F*CK I’m in my Twenties  by Emma Koenig

A blogger that I followed posted a copy of this on her Instagram months ago and I was intrigued. This book is more so for a good laugh than it is for actual guidance and, you know, getting through your 20s. Still though it is fun and funny, and the diagrams and drawings make for a quick giggle.

Social Photography  by Daniela Bowker

Social Photography by Daniela Bowker

I received this as a birthday gift and instantly fell in love. iPhoneography is an integral component with social networking and taking/sharing pictures is changing how we communicate with each other. This book shows you how important social photography is and how to optimize this on your various networks – especially good for business or bloggers!

ISMS: Understanding Fashion  by Mairi McKenzie

ISMS: Understanding Fashion by Mairi McKenzie

The fashion history geek in me gravitated towards this book immediately. It's really lightweight, about 100-something pages, but this book gives quick and concise info on some of Fashions most important eras. Romanticism, Dandyism,  Industrialism – get it? ISMS! It shows that fashion always evolves, and continues to evolve with each and every season. 

Refinery29: Style Stalking      by Piera Gelardi & Christene Barberich

Refinery29: Style Stalking by Piera Gelardi & Christene Barberich

I absolutely love Street Style photography, so when Style Stalking came out I was on top of it. Not only does this book have a ton of great photos, but it also breaks down how you can achieve some of the looks as well. My favorite section is the one about mixing patterns because as tricky as it may sound you can create some seriously phenomenal looks!

What are some of your favorite books? Are there any books you would recommend?