Birthday Wish List

Urban Outfitters     '1989' on Vinyl   |   Bing Bang NYC    Midi Rings   |   Anastasia Beverly Hills     Contour Kit   |  Frends    Headphones   |   NastyGal     Report Turner Leather Bootie   |   Shop Private Party     Champagne Campaign Sweatshirt   |   Rifle Paper Co.     Safari Pocket Notebook Set   |   Boohoo Official     Plunge Neck Bodysuit   |   Urban Outfitters     Pink Fuji Film INSTAX Camera

Urban Outfitters '1989' on Vinyl | Bing Bang NYC  Midi Rings | Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit | Frends Headphones | NastyGal Report Turner Leather Bootie Shop Private Party Champagne Campaign Sweatshirt | Rifle Paper Co. Safari Pocket Notebook Set Boohoo Official Plunge Neck Bodysuit Urban Outfitters Pink Fuji Film INSTAX Camera


My birthday is on Sunday - the BIG 2-5 y'all- and I did a wish list of some of the items I want to get on my birthday but probably won't. Seriously - I was enjoying mid-afternoon naps and impromptu snack times in kindergarten like it was yesterday. I remember leaving middle school clad with my portable CD player and J-14 posters on my bedroom walls. I recall my first day of freshman year and my last day of senior year. I remember filling out college applications, moving to Baton Rouge, and graduating all within the blink of an eye. Now I'm doing mundane adult-esque things like filling out Health Care forms and watching my cholesterol. Life comes at you fast, kids.  But I am grateful for all of the opportunities and life lessons I've learned along the way. As my Creole Coven Mother Beyonce said, "You’re playing a part in a much bigger show. And that’s what life is. It’s the greatest show on earth.”  And this is a one character movie - I might as well make it a good one! 


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