#TheList // 10 Music Festival Essentials


Warm weather is on the horizon and that can only mean one thing – festival season is creeping upon us. Already brands are spamming my social media timelines with looks for Coachella and I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of getting excited about it. I attended my first festival in 2009 when I traveled to ATX for Austin City Limits Festival and it was such a great road trip. It cost me an arm and a leg, but there’s no price on the FUN. Louisiana has a few great local festivals to attend including Festival International and Jazz Fest. BUKU Music + Art Project was just this past weekend and with all of the Instagram posts on my timeline, I was inspired to create a list of essential items for attending any music festival. Check out my must-have essentials below.

1. BACKPACK –  This might be the single most important item you will have. A big mistake I made when I went to ACL was not taking a bag with me to the festival grounds. I had to keep asking a friend to hand me my I.D. or money and that can really throw off the ~vibe~ when you’re having fun. Depending on what you want to take with you, you’ll want a bag that is big enough to hold all of your items yet small enough not to be a nuisance during the shows.

2. CASH – 99% of the places you go will take cash and cash only. Granted, now we have apps Square for easy and safe credit card transactions. But with buying all kinds of food and drinks throughout the day there’s no way to keep track of your purchases. You really never know what you could swiping your card for. This is why cash is king! It’s better to see how you spend your money than just swipe away, especially at a festival.

3. PORTABLE CHARGER – We live in an age where everyone has a smartphone and sharing on social media is integral. With all of the picture taking, tweeting and texting, your phone will probably die. No, it most definitely will die at one point or another. Having a portable phone charger on deck is a game changer when you’re on the go.  There are so many affordable options now and they’re even great for non-festival situations like going out on the town or for work. You never know when you’ll need to recharge!

4. CUTE AND COMFY OUTFITS – Like I said, we live in the age of social media sharing. You’ll probably be taking tons of pictures with friends. There’s also a chance a newspaper or blog might want to snap a photo of you! So of course you’ll want to have a few good looks on hand just-in-case. Who knows – you might become internet famous. #DoItForTheAesthetic

5. TISSUES – Recently on Twitter I asked my followers what items they kept in their purses (I was bored, okay?). I’m not one of those ‘Carry-My-Life-In-My-Bag’ types of gals and I was very curious to see what items other ladies carried around with them. One friend said she carried tissues in her bag because, ‘there’s always a chance you won’t have toilet paper.  Straight genius. How did I not think of this before?! Porta-potties are your ONLY option at a festival and 9/10 there’s no toilet paper in them.

6.  SUNGLASSES – Protect your eyes from the sun AND from seeing people you don’t want to make eye contact with!6.

7. SNACKS – Eating out all the time can be a bit costly. Think about it: you’ll probably need to buy breakfast, then lunch, a snack in between, dinner, and depending on when you get back maybe even another snack. That’s a lot of $$$ at the end of the day. Packing a few snacks can save you a few dollars in the long run as well.

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8. HAT – Don’t think for one second that it won’t be hotter than Satan’s toenail at the festival grounds.  Crowds of people and beaming sunlight mean that it’s going to be HOT.  To avoid the excess sun damage to your face, bring a wide-brimmed hat along for the shows. As far as the unwarranted body heat from fellow festival goers….you’re on your own.

9. SANDALS – Nobody wants to have their feet cooped up in a hot shoe so invest in a good pair of sandals or two. I say two because depending on the style and durability you might want to have a backup pair with you just in case of an emergency.

10. COVER UP – Even though it will be excruciatingly hot during the day, there’s a chance it will be really cool at night. Almost damn near freezing actually. When I went to Voodoo Fest it was deathly hot during the day. I wore a sweater during the day because obviously I’m nuts so the next day I left my sweater at the hotel and I was frozen. At least a cover-up is cool enough to wear during the day yet can cover your arms and keep you semi-warm at night.

Are you going to any festivals this year? Have you been to any festivals in the past? What items do you suggest to pack?