Tuesday Tunes | March 2015 Playlist

Listen on Spotify  HERE .

Listen on Spotify HERE.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m always listening to music. Whether I’m working on a project, exercising or taking a shower, you better believe I’ve got the tunes on deck. I like to listen to a wide range of jams.  Indie, pop, TRAP, heck even a little bit of country every now and then – just peep my Last.fm account. Sometimes I wish I knew how to work Garage Band so I could channel my inner DJ skills a la  Hannah Bronfman, but  I just make really awesome playlists on Spotify instead. Same thing, right? I made a March Playlist filled with a bunch of songs that….pretty much remind me of March. Some songs are fast, some are slow, some are #BANGERZ, while others are more ~sensual~ and/or sad. March is always such an up down month, especially when it comes to the weather, and I wanted the playlist to reflect that. Listen to my March 2015 Playlist  on Spotify HERE