#SelfCare | What's in my Bag?



I MUST CONFESS: I am a recovering bag lady. When I was in school, I usually carried my entire life in my bag. From books, tech gear, makeup, food, and medicine – you name it, and it was definitely in my school satchel. I’ve actually downsized since then and I like to keep my things in more compact and concise bags. I recently purchased this mini bucket bag, but even that couldn’t stop my low-key bag lady tendencies. It’s pretty much packed to the brim. And what’s in my bag you ask? Peep the #BagLady list below.

  • Sunglasses: I always keep a pair of sunglasses on deck wherever I go. I have so many pairs that I’ve lost count. 
  • Power Charger: I recently purchased a mobile power charger over the Easter break and it was really a greay buy. These come in super handy when you’re on the go and on your phone a lot. This one is good for about 1 full charge of power.
  • Lipstick and Mascara: I really believe in the effects of a good lip color and mascara on the go, so I always carry a bold lipstick and mascara in my bag. 
  • Perfume: You never know when you’ll need a quick spritz of perfume!
  • Chapstick: Pretty self-explanatory. Recently I’ve been really into the mint EOS lip balms. It was an impulse buy in the Target checkout line and I’ve been using it ever since!
  • Phone w/ Earphones: I always keep headphones in my bag just in case I want to browse Instagram, Vine or Youtube when I have some downtime.
  • Wallet: Of course, my wallet is always with me. Sometimes I just carry my wallet and wristlet around for convenience.
  • Notebook and Pens: I like to write things down for inspiration and I purchased this small notebook at an art museum last fall. It was the right size to just slip into my bag for quick notes.

What do you carry in your bag?