#TBT | Philadelphia, PA


Last April, my brother and I took a trip to Philadelphia for my best friend’s graduation. It was a nice getaway from the slow, southern life I live every day. We did a lot of low-key tourist things like see the LOVE sculpture (see picture above) and saw other famous monuments, like Philadelphia City Hall. (The city has great architecture, btw.)


While we were there, I went to IKEA and rode a subway – both for the first time. (Shout out to the SEPTA lady that let us pass the paying subway toll for free!!!) Unfortunately it rained the entire first day we were there. We still, however, explored the city amidst the rain and went to some local eateries and shops. I had my first H&M and Dunkin Donuts experience. Let’s just say I’ll stick with the Starbucks…


It was crazy the amount of ‘first-time’ experiences I had on this trip, which in my opinion, made it even more exciting. One of my biggest regrets is that I did not eat a Philly Cheesesteak in Philly. But other than that, I definitely would go back! This has probably been my favorite out of state trip to date.

Have you taken any memorable trips or vacations? If so, where did you go?