#OOTD | Graduation Party


It’s that time of year again – graduation season is upon us.  And let’s be real here:  graduation ceremonies are boring.  And I graduated twice. Being seated for 2 hours listening to speeches & hundreds of names called out in alphabetical order, just to see one person walk across a stage for 5 seconds? I don’t know about you, but I can’t call on myself to pay attention for that insane amount of time. Thank goodness for smartphones. But aside from the actual ceremony, in the spirit of grad season I decided to create an #OOTD for a graduation party aka where the real fun begins.

So you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, “OhMyGoodness! What should I wear to [Insert 2015 Graduate Name]’s graduation party?!” Okay, you probably aren’t but just bare with me. This season it’s all about the shirtdress. This figure flattering garment goes with ALL body types and is great for those hot and sticky grad ceremonies, especially if it’s outside. Also, if you love a good versatile piece, the shirtdress is the way to go. Dress it down during the day for lunch with friends or dress it up with or up at night for a rooftop party. Realistically with this weather, no one down here would have a rooftop party. But the idea of one just sounds really pleasant. I also imagined Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City when I thought of that scenario…

In true Carrie fashion, I added a Stella McCartney clutch to complete the look. I know…what was I thinking putting a $800 clutch on an #OOTD?!  I did it for the #aesthetic really, but I’ve found a similar more cost-friendly clutch here on Necessary Clothing. To keep the look Spring-ish, add a pair of heeled sandals and keep the makeup & jewelry really light and airy. Also, get ready to take ALOT of pictures. But don’t worry – this is a simple, timeless outfit that will make you look great no matter what.

What do you think of today’s #OOTD? What would you wear to a graduation party?
Also, congratulations to all 2015 graduates!