#TBT | On the Run


In honor of Beyonce's Vogue Cover, here are some #TBT photos from when I saw her (....and Jay-Z) live in New Orleans last year. Most of the pictures are blurry and/or out of focus, but my heart was in the right place.  Originally I purchased tickets to see Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience at the New Orleans Arena but when the On the Run Tour dates were announced - GIIIIIIIIRL - those tickets went out of the window. I was like Justin Timberlake WHO TBH?! No shade to JT, but this was BEYONCE (....and Jay). This was a two-for-one deal that I was not going to pass up! So I purchased the tickets on a whim but quickly realized I had no one to go with. My thought process was - WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO GO SEE BEYONCE?! Well apparently a lot of people.....surprisingly. Luckily my friend and fellow Beyonce enthusiast Kentrel agreed to go with me. My overzealous ticket buying skills got us some semi decent/semi crappy seats (shoulda analyzed the seating map), but it was still everything.