#TheList | 5 Mid-Summer Beauty Essentials

If you've been keeping up with my blog posts, you'll know that this year I've been amping up my skin regimen as a form of #SELFCARE. And with a smooth 2 months left until the first day of Fall, I decided to do a post dedicated to some of my favorite go-to summer beauty products. 

Here are 5 items I've been loving TF out of lately. 

  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: I have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR OF THESE THINGS. Part of the reason why is because I was trying to find a bright fuschia dupe like the one in Beyonce's 'No Angel' video, but I digress. These lippies are still amazing nonetheless! Not only are they super pigmented and very affordable, but they last a really long time without reapplication. Definitely a great buy.
  • ColourPop Cosmetics Game Face Eyeshadow: I talked a little bit about ColourPop cosmetics in my Link Roundup, but I really want to give you the tea on the eyeshadow I purchased. I was on the search for the perfect metallic-but-not-really-metallic eyeshadow in copper and I didn't think I would find it. Because the description "metallic-but-not-really-metallic eyeshadow" really makes no sense whatsoever, but then again it low key does. ColourPop and their 'Game Face' shadow is the perfect shade and shadow if you're looking for a matte metallic hue. Plus their products are made in the U.S.A. and are not tested on animals! 
  • E.L.F. Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky: The Glo'd Up movement is in full effect for summer and this blush is a game changer. It has a subtle peachy undertone blended with gold flakes so if you're looking for a literal glow, you have to get this blush ASAP. (and it's only $3!)
  • Bare Minerals Lash Domination MascaraYou know how you go into a store with the intentions of purchasing 1 item and walk out with 50? That is the story of how I purchased this mascara. I don't regret my purchase, however, because this mascara really does give my lashes some length and volume. I use Younique's 3-D Fiber Lash Mascara when I first do my 'face' and then I use this for touch ups throughout the day. 
  • Gourmand EDP Fragrance in Citron GlaceThis was a spur of the moment buy when I was standing in the checkout line at UO and I was in dire need of a new everyday fragrance.  I use my more expensive scents for ~special~ occasions, so, I never use them really. Plus, I was getting tired of all of the abundance of celebrity fragrances I was accuminating on the slick. Seriously - I have Lady Gaga's Fame, Rihanna's Nude, and 4 Britney Spears perfumes. F O U R I'm a sucker for those sweet smelling celebrity scents. UO's Citron Glace is still sweet, but somehow it's not like any other scent I have smelled before. It's light enough for warm days but still has a robust undertone to it. I definitely will purchase again when I run out.

That's it for this month's faves!