marooned [muh-rooned]

What does it mean to be marooned? 

Maroonage - according to Chris and Mikana Roberts - is to remove oneself from the slave society by attempting to live in a culturally autonomous and independent space away from white supremacy. When asked how being marooned applies to their partnership, Chris replied, " We are each other's place of replenishment and comfort. In this way, our partnership itself becomes an embodiment of resistance to antiblackness. It is through being reminded of our purpose in the refuge that is each other, we are empowered again to take on the struggles and battles of the outside world, together." 

I attended my dear friend Mikana's wedding in Port Antonio, Jamaica last week and was able to snap a few shots of the ceremony. Hands down, this is the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended. I have attended many weddings in my 26 years of life, but I never been overwhelmed by so much love, happiness, and joy like I did with this one. Check out some of the shots below.